What Classes are being offered?

Preschool Age 3-5

Kids in this age group may or may not have been exposed to games and physical activity at a young age. In these classes, we will focus on creating an environment that is fun and enriching for every child, whatever his/her skill level.

Elementary School Age 6-12

At this age level activities are designed with a sharp eye on the dynamics of the group, ultimately promoting healthy play. Programs are created to offer the opportunity for kids to be active, to stay healthy, and to have fun! We take many different sport skills, and we blend them together to create a fun and challenging environment.

Middle & High School Age

Programs are designed to give the youth the opportunity to improve and strengthen their fundamental sport skills in a safe and fun environment. The goal is to help each student understand the importance of good health, fair play and teamwork. Because every child learns and develops at different levels, activities will be structured to meet each child’s needs.

During each class...

Kids will develop their cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Our age appropriate activities are played in a safe, non-competitive, empowering environment. This method allows children to learn and develop many skills and enables them to appreciate aspects of all sports without playing for a team.

The fitness program is an interactive and creative way for children to gain a positive attitude towards exercising while having FUN with peers.

With the shortage of gym in schools today, Equip 2 Thrive is a vital program to any school or day care. Keeping children healthy and active only attributes to them leading better productive lives down the road.

Have you ever considered adding a Fitness Program to your school? The process is very easy. The first step is to contact “Coach G” directly, since his program is mobile, he will come to your school or facility and do a FREE Demonstration for the kids and teachers alike. The Demo lasts for 35 minutes, the same amount of time as a class would last. The demonstration is a combination of the exercise program and the fitness program.

The goal of equip2thirve is to focus on fundamental Skills:

— Locomotor: running, jumping, skipping, hopping

— Nonlocomotor: bending, twisting, swinging

— Manipulative: throwing, kicking, striking

— Character Building:

  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship