"Our goal is to engage youth to reach their full potential. We focus on fundamental and advanced fitness and sports skills using a creative, fun, and non-competitive approach. Our programs instill a positive learning environment that builds character and strives to encourage youth to enjoy being active, no matter what their ability."


Equip 2 Thrive provides structured physical fitness programs for youth from preschool through high school. We establish ongoing partnerships with preschools, child care facilities, community centers, schools, homeschool and play groups to bring E2T to your children.

Have you ever been in a class where it is 30 min long and your child only moves for 15 min and sits for 15 min? E2T gets your youth active and participating for the whole class. It is important to not only teach the children the basic skills needed for a variety of sports, but it is also important to build a child's self-esteem with encouragement and positive interaction.

Our Programs:

*Develop eye/hand/foot coordination (preschool)

*Improve strength, agility, and fine motor skills

*Enhance large muscle development and cardiovascular fitness

*Meet Health, Wellness & Physical Development Standards

*Provide weekly updates to parents on skills learned in class and home activity ideas


E2T was started by a homeschool dad who teaches strong fundamental skills in a variety of fitness and sports programs. Each month they will participate in new highly active and educational games that focus on the fundamental skills of sports and fitness. They learn in a energetic, supportive and noncompetitive environment. Contact E2T to set up your next Field Day or to teach at your next co-op meeting.


Our age appropriate fitness classes for three to twelve years olds bring a fun, exciting and active element to any formal summer program. Planning and organizing  a sports and fitness program takes a lot of energy and knowledge. Equip 2 Thrive makes it easy for your group by having a program complete and ready to be used immediately by providing the equipment and instructor to make it all happen .